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Anodized Quicklet Eyelets

Anodized Quicklet Eyelets

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100 1/8 Round Anodized Quicklet Eyelets. A mix of anodized colors shown. Size- outside 5mm, inside 3mm

Quicklet eyelets are hammerless eyelets designed by Eyelet Outlet. Quicklet eyelets are pre-split for easy setting. Use your current setter by putting the tip upright on the Quicklet back and pressing down and pivoting. Quicklets can also be set with most ordinary ink pens. Put pen tip on back, press down and pivot pen. Quiet, Quick, and Simple.

Quicklet eyelets are perfect to bring to scrapbooking crops. No hammering, no noise.
I have tried every eyelet setter imaginable, and decided that there is no need to struggle with any of them. With Eyelet Outlet's Quicklets, I can choose from dozens of colors, shapes and sizes, and set my eyelets with a pen. These are the most wonderful invention in scrapbooking! Not only are they quick and easy (and reasonably priced), the backs are much neater than using traditional tools. I would recommend the Quicklets to anybody!

Debbie Harris-Alvaton, KY

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