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Cactus Quicklet Eyelets

Cactus Quicklet Eyelets

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Cactus Quicklets. 15/package. Color: Green. Size: 21mm

Quicklet eyelets are hammerless eyelets designed by Eyelet Outlet. Quicklet eyelets are pre-split for easy setting. Quicklets can be set with most ordinary ink pens.

Quicklet eyelet setting instructions : Make a 1/8 hole in your paper and insert your cactus Quicklet eyelet. Turn you project over and put your pen tip on the back of the cactus Quicklet eyelet. Press down and pivot pen in a circular motion. The back of the cactus Quicklet eyelet will open up and flatten to your page. To further flatten the Quicklet eyelet turn your pen over and press to the back of the Quicklet eyelet. Quiet, quick, and simple. See our Quicklet demo on our home page.
Cactus Quicklet Eyelets
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